Veteran British player ALEX is taking a break from CS:GO to deal with health issues.

Six months after being taken off the active roster, British CS:GO veteran Alexander “ALEX” McMeekin has announced his departure from Fnatic. The 27-year-old athlete discussed his continuing health issue that has compelled him to take a break from competitive play.

While ALEX did not give a specific reason for his departure or a date by which he would be leaving, he did say that he would not be joining another CS:GO team at this time but would instead take a break to focus on his health.

Since his health is more important right now, ALEX is taking a break from competitive CS:GO.
ALEX, one of the best CS:GO players in the United Kingdom, has come forward to confirm his exit from Fnatic. The team’s longtime IGL (In-Game Leader) was unable to fulfil his duties, and the organisation was unable to sell him, so the two sides agreed to part ways.

ALEX continued, “For the time being, I have and will start to take a break, and I appreciate their understanding and support after I shared the news.”

The British player also discussed his plans for the future, explaining that the worsening stomach issues he’s had for some time now prevent him from joining another CS:GO team right away.

In order to heal himself physically and mentally, ALEX has stepped away.

More specifically, ALEX explained that his agreement with Fnatic had already been terminated a “while back” and that he was only speaking about it now to provide a report.

Due to Fnatic’s massive performance drop and subsequent inability to meet the criteria for the PGL Antwerp Major 2022, ALEX was removed from the active CS:GO matchup in May 2022.

Fnatic’s new roster has helped the team eligible for the IEM Rio Major 2022, where they are one win or loss away from the Legends Stage.