What is the RTP for slot machines? RTP is an abbreviation for “Return to Player,” which refers to the ratio of the total number of wins to the total amount wagered during play. The closer you get to a perfect score, the more you should theoretically win back. When you play slots over the internet, the RTP is also sometimes referred to as the payout ratio. You will frequently hear about the slot machines with the highest payouts. The slots with the highest return-to-player percentages are referred to here.

The RTP percentage is significantly higher than that offered by traditional casinos in the USA. For example, the RTP percentage for games in Las Vegas casinos in the USA is typically around 75%, whereas the RTP percentage for online casino games in the USA is typically around 95%. If you were to place the same wager of $100 on the same slot machine in a casino in Las Vegas or online, the difference in return would be twenty percent, or twenty dollars (for a wager of $100), on average.

The RTP is determined over a longer period of time rather than for each individual wager. Therefore, a player in the USA could leave the table with an $80 win on a $10 wager, or they could leave with no money in their bankroll at all. The RNG technology used in slot games in the USA ensures that every spin is completely unpredictable; however, the Return to Player value provides players with useful information.

What exactly are high RTP slots, though? If you ask different people in the USA, you’ll get different answers because that’s the kind of thing that’s kind of arbitrary. We are of the opinion that, in the USA:

  1. A return on investment (RTI) that is greater than 98 percent is considered high.
  2. Anything with a return on investment (RTP) ranging from 95 percent to 97.99 percent is considered to have a mid-range or average RTP.
  3. RTP values that are lower than 94.99 percent are considered to be low.
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How the Best RTP Sites Work

Before you begin your hunt for the slots with the highest RTP in the USA, it is important that we define exactly what this term means. During the process of developing a video game, a development studio will put the game’s mathematical model through a series of simulations that include millions, hundreds of millions, or even billions of spins. One of the results that they are looking for is the total amount of money that is distributed over the course of the study.

Let’s say that a particular slot machine has an RTP value of 95%. If you bet $100, you should have a reasonable expectation of winning $95, according to this definition. On the other hand, due to the fact that this figure is derived from a very large number of simulated spins, there may be batches of spins that deviate very significantly from the average. Due to the inherent randomness of slot machine play, for instance, you could risk $100 and end up with only $50, or you could walk away with $5,000.

If a game is played for a long enough period of time, the returns will, from a technical standpoint, more closely reflect the RTP value. When viewed from a different angle, the fact that a slot machine has an RTP value of 96 percent gives the casino an inherent edge of 4 percent over the player. Therefore, over the course of time, the casino will almost certainly make a profit of $4 for every $100 that is wagered.

Jackpot Slots and the Best RTP Sites as Expressed as an %

These slot machines are a little bit different from the regular ones in that a portion of the return to player percentage (RTP) is withheld and saved to be paid out as jackpot prizes in the event that they are won. Because of this, the return figure for progressive jackpot slots is typically lower than the return figure for slots games that do not include jackpots.

If progressive jackpots do not have a high return to player percentage (RTP), then do they offer poor value for the money? Not necessarily, considering that players don’t typically spin the reels of these kinds of games in the hopes of winning prizes from the main game or the bonus game. The life-altering sums of money that could be won from the jackpots are what the majority of people, if not all of them, are playing for. Despite the lower return figures, many players consider the possibility of winning prizes in the millions of dollars to be good value for the money they spend.

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 How to Locate the best RTP Sites

The Return to Player (RTP) must be displayed on gaming machines by certain regulators, so that players are aware of what they are getting. The return to player percentage is typically listed in the paytable of a casino game. You can view a list of a slot machine’s rules, symbol values, and statistical information by selecting the “help” button or the “paytable” menu option.

It is important to check this, as different providers may ship games with different RTP levels. Even though you may have seen a game advertised at a particular value, this does not mean that the value is the same when you play it at an online casino.

Since different regulators are responsible for setting different limits, you can typically find RTPs that are higher under one regulator,  whereas another regulator may have a threshold that is slightly lower. Unscrupulous offshore operators are the ones you need to watch out for because they have the ability to set the lowest possible level, and they may even choose not to let players know what that level is.

Wrapping Up the Best RTP Sites

Even though RTP might not be the only factor to consider when deciding which slot machine to play, it is still an extremely important indicator of how to approach them. In general, a higher RTP is preferable, and if you can locate the same slot machine at a different casino that offers a better value, then it makes the most sense to play that one. In the long run, the more spins you make on a particular slot machine, the closer, in theory, you will get to the RTP value that is stated for that machine. Because of the unpredictable nature of how slot machines distribute their winnings, it is highly unlikely that you will ever reach the target amount due to the volatility of the game.

In conclusion, the RTP is an essential piece of data that you should consider when deciding whether or not a slot game is suitable for you. Playing slot machines should not be seen as a way to make money because, in the long run, the casino will invariably come out on top. The RTP is a helpful guide, but it does not tell you how or what, if anything, you will win. The outcome of a game is almost entirely determined by chance, which can either work in your favor or against you.

Frequently Asked Questions - Best RTP Sites

RTP, or return to player, refers to the percentage of money that is returned to players over a sufficient amount of time. A slot machine with a return to player percentage of 95 percent pays out, in theory, $95 for every $100 that is wagered.

No. Both of these things do not have a causal relationship with one another. It’s possible for two different games to have the same return value but entirely different hit frequencies.

Maybe, maybe not. If you play a game for a significant amount of time, the likelihood that your results will correspond to the RTP value is increased. On the other hand, over a shorter period of time, you might win more or you might win less.

The RTP is displayed on the pay table or in the help file of the majority of slot machines. You can also find this information by reading our detailed reviews or visiting the websites of the various service providers. If you look everywhere but can’t find an RTP value, that should immediately raise a red flag about whether or not you can trust the game.