Megaways Pokies Expose Unknown Facts About Slot Machines

Recent years have seen a rise in popularity of mega ways pokies in online casinos located all over the world. This technology, which completely changes the game, is being implemented by an increasing number of publishers in their products. 

Slot machines with the Megaways gaming format offer players up to several hundred thousand distinct ways to win a prize. Traditional slot machines offered anywhere from 20 to 30 distinct winning combinations for players to choose from. These needed at least three symbols to be selected from the left side to be activated. 

Megaways pokies, on the other hand, do not use the standard 5×3 grid but instead opt for more unique and unconventional arrangements for their games. The fact that these games can have as many as several hundred thousand different ways to win is the characteristic that sets them apart the most. As a direct consequence of this, every spin is unique. 

The year 2016 marked the debut of the technology known as mega ways

Big Time Gaming, an Australian software company, was the one who came up with the idea. It was not until the release of the slot game Bonanza in the same year that players got their first look at it. The underlying technology that is utilized in this 6-reel slot machine has been purchased by other slot machine manufacturers, including Pragmatic Play, Blueprint Gaming, Red Tiger, and NetEnt, among others. The return to player percentage (RTP) on these slot machines can reach as high as 98%. 

Players who choose to play Megaways TM pokies have the chance to win in several different ways. In addition to that, there are frequent opportunities to receive free re-spins here. The board is updated with new hands to replace those that have been removed because they were winners. As a direct consequence of this, there is a respectable possibility of winning a significant amount with each spin. 

How Does Everything End Up Fitting Together? 

The most important aspects of this game are the configuration of six reels and the distribution of symbols across each reel. 

The most recent piece of software released by Big Time Gaming offers a novel approach to the conventional layout. Megaways pokies are not like traditional pokies in any way, shape, or form. Instead of appearing in a predetermined order on the screen, the symbols in these games appear randomly. To put it another way, the configuration of the symbols and pay lines can change from one game to the next and the other way around. In most cases, there are at least 100,000 of these available for purchase. 

The typical layout for classic slot machines is a grid that is 5 rows by 3 columns and contains 15 different symbols. A Megaways slot machine must have a minimum of six reels to function properly. They can can include the following: 

  • There are even six or eight single symbols, four double symbols, or one large symbol, in addition to large symbols that stretch across two or three reels! 
  • Because the outcome of your game is dynamic and almost always one of a kind, the number of symbols that appear on the reels during each spin can range anywhere from two to eight. 

How Many Pay Lines Are on Megaways Machines? 

The number of different possible combinations and the type of board layout are the two most important aspects to consider. 

When a Megaways machine is used, it creates a board layout that is different from any other time it has been used. As a direct consequence of this, the utilization of conventional fixed pay lines is inappropriate in this context. You have successfully won the game if you have at least three of the same symbol appear on adjacent reels beginning on the left. This symbol also has the capability of functioning as a Wild symbol. 

Because of this, the number of unique MegawaysTM combination outcomes that are potentially triggered by each spin is typically somewhere around 117,000. It differs depending on the particular slot machine. There are some slot machines called Megaways that offer as many as 400,000 different ways for players to win. The game 1 Million Megaways BC, which was developed by the relatively unknown Iron Dog Studio, is currently the holder of the record. This is a game with more than a million different ways that it can end. In total, there were 1,058,841 of them! 

There is never going to be a predetermined number of different ways to win. It is generated in such a way that there are occasions when it is 2,000, other occasions when it is 30,000, and other occasions when it is 100,000. It is determined not only by the symbols that are obtained but also by the configuration of the board. There are a lot of different Megaways games to choose from, and many of them come packed with unique bonus elements like extra reels or free spins that activate whenever you take home a prize.